Levene Strategies: My Newest Venture

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I’ve been busy with my newest venture: Levene Strategies, a consulting company focused on helping organizations write better Federal proposals via modern information visualization techniques, visual thinking, and structured writing.

I have two training courses scheduled for mid to late April 2011 (April 14-15 & April 19-20) offered in the Washington, DC area. We also just published the rest of our 2011 schedule of courses. For any of you who actually write Federal proposals or would like to learn the best method to do so, I’d love to see you at one of the classes. For readers of this blog, use the coupon code: SC24 at checkout for any of the courses, and you will get $500 off the price of the 2-day course.

Additionally, until March 31, 2001, I’m running a contest to give away 4 free spot in one of the classes. If you are interested, you can enter here.

Here are a few of the announcements I’ve been using for the course.

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